Yesterday, I received my copy of Analog in the mail. I was surprised to see that my poem, “After National Geographic,” was in this issue. Not because I didn’t know the poem had been selected for publication–I signed the contract back in January–I just didn’t know it was THIS issue.

The universe works in weird ways. I was feeling down because I had received a rejection for a story from another publication. The rejection was polite. Apologetic, even. It explained that I had missed being selected by “that much” <insert image of index finger and thumb super close together> and the editors were sorry they couldn’t include me.

The editor was being very kind. Still, it hurt.

That a small cause for celebration arrived in my mailbox at just the right time proves that things usually work out eventually.

Sweet, sweet page 25.

Having a piece in Analog is really, well, beyond words. Most of science fiction’s best have appeared within its (or Astounding‘s) pages, and as I wrote on Twitter, during a small flourish of boasting, it really is an honor to become even just that small part of such an amazing tradition and legacy.

The Harry Turtledove liked that tweet and my head exploded!

For a short moment, Harry Turtledove noticed me.

Rejection still stings, but it sure is worth it.

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