I should start by mentioning that, yes, we did watch Wonder Woman 1984 over the holiday weekend, too. People better than me are chiming in all across the Internet on what they thought of that movie. My general impression of WW84 was that it was a middling superhero movie that failed to capitalize on the role reversal between the now-worldly Diana and the now-fish-out-of-water Steve. That’s among many other troubling things that I found wrong with the film, but if you can set aside the assorted special interests that are (rightfully, often) offended by the movie, and the digressions of some logic, and a dragging middle, it’s a passable comic book movie. I think we all wanted something more. The DC cinematic universe continues to vex me for its inability to make a flick that can just be entertaining.

In addition to Wonder Woman 1984, and screening The Wizard of Oz for the lady love, we watched last year’s Last Christmas. Like Wonder Woman 1984, Last Christmas isn’t a perfect movie. In particular, it presents the homeless and disabled as comedy props a bit too willingly.

But Emilia Clarke is lovely as the flailing Kate, who is trying to figure out how to make her way through life after some trauma and a string of poor decisions. She works at a Christmas store (as an elf to Michelle Yoeh’s store-owning “Santa”) and dreams of successfully auditioning to be a singer. When Kate crosses paths with Henry Golding’s Tom, well, you know how these movies go.

It’s a passable holiday diversion with respectable performances, a heart-warming message, and an opportunity to listen to British people swear and use British euphemisms for swearing, which I find delightful.

The real star for me is the soundtrack, which includes a heavy helping of Wham! and George Michael hits. Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice Vol I, was released in 1990, a time when I was REALLY into Pearl Jam, but I remember being gobsmacked by “Waiting for That Day” and “Freedom! ’90.” Those songs are still good, and I may have become annoying singing along with them during the movie.

The heart wants what it wants.

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