My review of Untamed: The Psychology of Marvel’s Wolverine by Suzana E. Flores is now available at ImageText.

I liked the book, and felt it had a lot to say about applying scientific principles like psychology to popular culture artifacts like comic books and comic book characters.

The review is available at this link:

I especially liked the admiration Flores has for Logan. She paints him as an inspiration for overcoming trauma. From my review:

The main lesson in Wolverine’s story, Flores concludes, is that we are judged by our overall attempts to live a life of honor, of service, and of sacrifice. Though we may fail and fall at points, like Wolverine we can dust ourselves off and have another go at it. We are meant to move forward. We are meant to be powerful.

Anyone with an interest in Psychology, comic books, or pop culture academia will find something useful here.

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